Beversdorf | Maternity

DeserRai is the brilliant mind behind this shoot! She picked the location, the outfits and the extra touches! And I’m so glad she did because clearly that is something she is amazing at! It was a warm… I mean hot… summer evening but you can’t even tell because these three totally nailed this shoot. DeserRai is an absolutely beautiful mom to be and her and her sweet little family are seriously adorable!

Leah Hope Photography | Outdoor Rural Country Mesa Floral Crown Spring Colors Family Maternity Pictures

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Krista | Senior

This shoot included a first for me, and it’s such a precious first! Krista’s whole family joined us for her senior pictures! They were so sweet and supportive, but also did their own thing during the shoot to let us do our thing. And it was perfect! They were there for help and encouragement, and it was lovely! I enjoyed my time with Krista and her family! And she’s such a model, I couldn’t have taken a bad photo of her even if I tried! And all of her outfits were seriously adorable! I LOVED this senior session!!

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Nature Fashion Beautiful Senior Pictures

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Alex and Dolce | Family

I know you’re seeing this blog post many months later, but this photo shoot was in celebration of Mother’s Day!! I think it’s such a  sweet and special idea to have a mother-daughter photo shoot to document the beautiful bond that happens between a mother and her daughter! Alex and Dolce are both truly gorgeous and I loved being able to take photos of the adorable moments and looks they exchanged! And can we talk about their house with the insanely perfect light?!?! I’m in love!!! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Lifestyle In Home Mother Daughter Pictures

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Kamryn | Senior

This senior session was pretty spectacular! Kamryn and her family showed a beautiful, new location that I had never been to. It took a little effort to get there, a short hike, but usually the most beautiful spots aren’t too easy to come by. ;) And it was absolutely worth it! I love the variety that we were able to get for her in these photos and we even made it to an adorable little shop at the end of our shoot to add some more color to her photos. Within 5 seconds of shooting with Kamryn, I knew this shoot was going to be incredibly easy for me, because she is so effortlessly natural in front of there camera! She is kind, fun, easy-going and gorgeous! And I loved my time with her! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Cave Creek Jewel of the Creek Preserve Phoenix Desert High School Senior Pictures

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Skaggs | Family

This adorable, little family just looks like they belong in the desert, but not because the desert makes them look good… because THEY make the desert look even better! They are all so sweet and tender with each other in a way that is so beautiful and I hope that I was able to capture that in these photos. I loved watching their relationships with each other and I REALLY loved that Charles and Lindsey were so willing to do a bunch of photos of just them two! Because children are amazing and adorable and an incredible gift, but I love when couples are still completely in love with each other years into their marriage. :)


Leah Hope Photography | Outdoor Phoenix Scottsdale Desert Nature Family Pictures

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Allie and Alan | Maternity

Taking maternity photos for these two was such a joy for me. And watching them be so kind and caring towards each other during this whole process was just the icing on the cake! They are both incredibly natural in front of the camera and Allie is truly the definition of a glowing mom-to-be! Her smile, her outfits and her attitude are all so beautiful and I think it’s entirely evident when looking at these photos! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Nature Light and Airy Maternity Pictures

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Chante | Portraits

Shooting with Chante is always such an enjoyable and easy afternoon! She is so incredibly natural and effortless in front of the camera, which makes my job a little too easy, in a really fun way! ;) She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over at TheFoxTalks and you can visit her blog an social media pages to see more of her beautiful face and amazing fashion! Also, being able to shoot with all these BRIGHT colors, made this shoot even more fun for me, if that is even possible. ;)

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Model Pictures at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona

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