Sometimes this section makes me feel like less of a photographer, because I don’t have many restrictions and guidelines when it comes to sessions.
I think that’s because, even though this is a business, I don’t want this to feel like a business arrangement, I want you to feel comfortable!
Because when I meet you, we are no longer strangers, we are friends! :)


Session cost:

I’m currently charging $425 for all basic sessions.
If you are a returning customer, please contact me about your discounted price!
The reason I offer a discount for returning customers is because I would like to extend a gift
to those who choose to support me beyond one session!
And my hope and goal is that EVERYONE will someday be using the returning customer price. :)
That fee INCLUDES an online gallery with 50+ edited, different images,
which means you can print them, load them, share them and do whatever you’d like at no extra cost!
You will also have some of those 50+ photos duplicated in black and white,
which will bring your total number of photos to at least 60.
*$50 fee for family sessions that include more than 1 immediate family.
If more than 50 edited, different photos are desired, we can add more photos for a fee.
Travel fees can be added to the basic session price based on the mileage and time included in the travel.

Session time:
Sessions generally last about an hour and a half.
Sometime’s its shorter if we get some amazing shots fast and sometimes it’s longer if inspiration hits later!
Since there is no strict time limit, that means I put no restrictions on outfit changes!
But keep in mind that I’m a natural light photographer,
I work around the sun so the more outfit changes the less time we have the perfect sunlight.
But as long as you love your photos at the end of it, I’m happy! :)

I do engagements, family portraits, individual portraits, fashion, lifestyle, head shots, newborns, maternity, couples, seniors, modeling and just about any organized shoot you can think of!
However, I don’t shoot events and I’m also not doing weddings at this time.
I would love to make some recommendations for some amazing wedding/event photographers if you’re interested! :)
*I accept cash, checks and use Venmo. If a different payment method works best for you, let me know and we will work it out! :)