Ally & Isla | Portraits

It’s funny that I’m a photographer in the Phoenix area, but whenever someone asks for a desert location, I usually need to ask around or look around for a beautiful desert spot! There’s desert everywhere, but I don’t shoot in it as much as I shoot in washes that are green after the rain comes, haha. I had my eye on this location for a little while, so when Ally mentioned she loves the desert, I knew this would be a great spot to explore! And I loved exploring it with these two! They are sweet, beautiful and have amazing fashion! Plus, Ally is an incredibly talented artist, her business is Fleurish, Letters and Design! You’ll see something she painted for me at the end of this post! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Outdoor Desert Nature Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Family Mother Daughter Pictures

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Miller | Family

When these girls got out of the car, I was a little confused. I had been talking with their mom about taking photos of her daughters, but when I saw all of them together, I couldn’t believe they were all sisters! They look so similar in age, that I thought they were just a group of best friends! But yes, they’re sisters, although it still felt like I was shooting a group of best friends because they had so much fun together and I loved being able to capture that friendship! I truly loved every minute of spending my afternoon with these 4 beautiful girls! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Outdoor Landscape Family Sister Best Friend Pictures

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Brittany | Portraits

I met Brittany in downtown Phoenix, early one morning to take photos of her in front of one of my favorite walls and also to take photos in a coffee shop! I’d been wanting some classic “looking out the window while drinking coffee” photos for a while, so when she brought up this idea, I knew I wanted to do it too! :) We started in front of the bird mural I love, moved to a blue wall and then ended in an adorable coffee shop! Brittany is truly so sweet and incredibly beautiful! I loved being able to take these photos of her! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Downtown Phoenix Arizona Mural Coffee Shop Fashion Blogger Model Pictures

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Charity and Daniel | Couple

I can’t believe I spent my whole life living here and never even knew about the view you could see from South Mountain until last year! And ever since I found out about it, whenever I’m close to the area, I drive up to the top just to take it all in. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in the country, so there’s something peaceful about being able to see the entire city from one view. And it makes me feel small, in an amazing way. So, when Charity and Daniel were up for shooting up here with me for the first time, I was thrilled!! And it’s everything I wanted it to be! This charming and endearing couple were the perfect people to photograph here! :)

Leah Hope Photography | South Mountain Central Phoenix Arizona Couple Engagement Pictures

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Megan | Portraits

I’m always extra excited for a shoot when someone is up for going ANYWHERE! When they let the location be entirely up to me! Sometimes, I have a new field I want to try… but sometimes, like this time, I want to drive around a neighborhood together and stop at multiple random places on the side of the road. So, that’s what we did, because Megan trusted me completely and I’m so happy she did because I LOVE what we captured! We drove around a small town in the Scottsdale area and went to 4 spots that most people wouldn’t look twice at, but I looked many times at and then brought Megan there! Haha. And since she seriously looks GORGEOUS no matter where she is, it worked out wonderfully! I can’t get enough of these photos! She is an absolute STUNNER! And she even got pricked by a cactus for me… I’m sorry Megan! And also, thank you! ;)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Arizona Neighborhood Outdoor Fashion Model Pictures

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Kaetlyn | Portraits

I had been wanting to shoot at the Superstition Mountains for a while, but it’s a little difficult since I usually shoot at sunset and the mountain is in full sun during that time of day. I planned this shoot with Kaetlyn and was actually thankfully that it turned out to be a cloudy day, because that way we could shoot with the mountains in the background and not have to wait for the sun to set! And all of the outfits she brought along happened to work beautifully with the atmosphere! I loved my time with Kaetlyn! She is gorgeous and truly such a genuinely kind and loving person! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Lost Dutchman State Park Superstition Mountains Scottsdale Phoenix Mesa Arizona Fashion Model Pictures

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Csincsak | Lifestyle Newborn

I love doing in home sessions! There is something about being in your own environment, that I think helps make people feel comfortable, especially children, when doing a photo shoot! And it doesn’t hurt that this family has beautiful light throughout their lovely home! I just love cozy and playful shoots like this! And I loved being able to take photos of these 4 adorable people being entirely captivated with their newest, precious family member! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Indoor Lifestyle Newborn Family Photos Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona

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