Ireena | Birthday Portraits

I’ve done a few cake smashes to celebrate babies turning one, but this was my first time doing one with an adult and it was SUCH a fun experience!! I was so excited when Ireena came to me with this idea, and I absolutely love how it came to life during our shoot! Ireena wanted to bring her precious daughter along for a few photos as well, and I love the variety of photos we got in a short amount time, since it was a HOT, summer day here. Happy 30th Ireena!! You are beautiful and sweet and so creative! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona 30th 30 Years Old Birthday Adult Cake Smash Pictures

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Jordan | Senior

This senior shoot was like no other shoot I’ve had before, and I loved it! Jordan and her family were visiting Phoenix from a small town in California and decided they wanted her senior photos done here! We bonded right at the beginning of the shoot, when we found out that I had visited that (very) small town their from a few years back. I was so happy to be able to take her photos in Phoenix, since it would be something unfamiliar, and hopefully exciting, to the rest of her friends back home!
Many of her family members joined us for the shoot, which made it even more fun! Oh, and she also brought colorful smoke bombs. And confetti. Did I mentioned I loved this shoot?! ;) We did a portion of the shoot in the desert and another portion indoors at Sun Studios of Arizona, which happen to be owned by one of her family members. It was such an exciting and adventurous shoot! And Jordan is not only beautiful and natural in front of the camera, but so sweet and fun to be around!:)

Leah Hope Photography | Tempe Scottsdale Arizona Papago Park Smoke Bomb Confetti Studio 2017 Senior Pictures

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Carly | Portraits

I’ve lived in Phoenix my whole life, aside from a year spent in Dallas and some summers spent in the Northwest. And for the majority of the time I’ve lived here, I never appreciate cactus. Okay, I specifically didn’t like them. My heart longs to be anywhere with forests and green fields of grass and that’s not here, haha. But I’ve recently grown to not only appreciate cactus, but actually LOVE them! I find myself taking photos of all sorts of cacti for no other reason than that they fascinate me now. So, I was THRILLED to finally be able to shoot at this location with cactus galore! :) And Carly and her outfits all look amazing in this scenery. But let’s be honest, she would look amazing in any scenery! ;)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona Cactus Garden Fashion Model Pictures

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Nicole and Jimmy | Engagement

When Nicole approached me early this year letting me know that her and her fiancé want me to their engagement photos in Sedona, I was thrilled! I don’t get the opportunity to shoot up north as much as I’d like to. I love time in the car alone, listening to music, singing as loud as I can and if the weather is nice, having the windows down! And then I get to take photos in a beautiful place that I don’t get to see nearly enough, so I love traveling around Arizona for shoots! :) These two are also getting married in Sedona on the same day we did their engagement photos, but one year later! I loved exploring Page Springs Cellars with these two! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Page Springs Cellars Winery and Vineyard Sedona Arizona Engagement Pictures

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Chante | Portraits

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with Chante a few times now, but I think this time was my favorite!! We did this shoot in her seriously adorable guest house that her boyfriend BUILT and SHE decorated! Is that not totally amazing?! Talk about a dynamic duo. And she did a FLAWLESS job decorating this space, I’m in love with every part of it! Her boyfriend, Cody, owns Chisel Built and he does gorgeous work too! Everything about this shoot just makes my heart so happy!! :) Go ahead, look at the photos, I dare you to not fall in love with this space! ;)

Leah Hope Photography | Tempe Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Interior Design Chisel Built White Decorated Guest House Fashion Model Pictures

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Hunkin | Family & Senior

I know sometimes people only want to get a few senior photos, instead of dedicate a whole shoot to it. So, whenever I’m asked about that, I always mention that we could take some family photos too, because I want the shoot to give you plenty of photos that you can get use out of! I’ve known Jacob for a while, because he became good friends with my younger brother in elementary school! That’s why it was so special for me to be able to take photos to celebrate his high school graduation! And I loved being able to capture some photos of this loving and sweet family too! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona Outdoor Family Senior Pictures

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Yasmine, Megan, Lauren, Marissa and Anna | Seniors

Graduating college is such a big and amazing accomplishment, so it only makes sense to document it with super fun photos! When these pretty girls came to me with this idea, to not only capture some classic portraits with some of their graduation attire, but to also pop champagne! Yes, some of the champagne spraying ended up getting my camera a little sticky, but it was worth it, and I was able to wipe it off. ;) I loved the photos we ended up with, and if it looks like they were having fun, it’s because they were! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Arizona State University ASU Tempe Arizona Senior Graduation Old Main Pictures

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